Extrusion machine

Types of extruders

Extruder Type Table
Single-screw extruderNon-vent typePipes, tubes, deformed products, molded productsPMS20~90
Sub-extruder (mobile)MVS20~50
Vent TypeFor granulation and sheet moldingPMSV40~90
Twin-screw extruderConical typeBidirectional rotation
(slow rotation)
Hard PVC (or high viscosity resin)
pipes, tubes, deformed products, molding and granulation
Parallel TypeBidirectional rotation
(slow rotation)
Hard PVC (or high viscosity resin)
pipes, tubs, deformed products, for molding and granulation

Basic configuration of the extruder

PMS65-25 Extruder Structure Diagram

65-01Frame (trestle)
65-03Main motor (main motor)
65-04Adjustable Bolt
65-05Level Pads
65-06Pulley Cover
65-07Motor side pulley
65-08Drive belt
65-09Gearbox side pulley
65-10Reducer (gearbox)
65-12Loader mounting seat (base)
65-13Material Supply Unit Throat
65-15Material vent
65-16Material level meter
65-17Material feeding loader cyclone
65-18Cylinder cover
65-20Cylinder head plate
65-21Breaker Plate
65-22Cooling blower
65-23Blower Duct
65-25Adapter Plate
65-30Hinge Pins
65-31Band Heater
65-32Cylinder head ring heater
65-33Ring space heater for adapter plate
65-34Rotary encoder
65-35Machine side type control cabinet
65-36Hopper bottom cooling water supply and drainage port

【Energy Saving Act】Improving the efficiency of motors in accordance with the Top Runner Standards

What are the Top Runner Criteria?

The Top Runner Standard is a measure within the Act on the Rational Use of Energy (Energy Conservation Act), which requires manufacturers to clear standards (such as target standards for energy consumption efficiency and the year in which they are achieved) for certain energy-saving products. Among the “specified equipment” for which this top runner standard is established, there were transformers in industrial electrical equipment, but three-phase induction motors have also been designated as specific equipment, and regulations began in April 2015.

What happens when a motor is subject to the Top Runner Criterion

The top-runner system is a regulation for manufacturers. Therefore, from April 2015, after the start of the regulation, the only motors to be shipped in Japan Japan will be high-efficiency motors (IE3: premium efficiency) that comply with the Top Runner regulations, and new products that are not compliant with the regulations IE1: standard efficiency and IE2: high efficiency (the high efficiency motor level currently prevalent in Japan) will not be sold.
* However, you can use a motor that is not highly efficient that you have already purchased.

・The target reference value (efficiency value) of the top runner standard is the efficiency class (JIS C 4034-30:2011) of the single-speed three-phase squirrrel-cage induction motor corresponding to “IE3: Premium efficiency”

of the following efficiency class *Consistent with IEC60034-30:2009

  • IE3: Premium Efficiency
  • IE2: High efficiency (high efficiency motor level currently popular in Japan)
  • IE1: Standard efficiency

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