Molding equipment

IPM (Italy)

 IPM is a comprehensive manufacturer of downstream equipment for pipe manufacturing in Italy. We advocate for high speed and automation with technologies cultivated over many years, such as pick-up machines, bell-end processing machines, and bending two-end processing machines.

Bell end processing machine MA type

This bell-end processing machine boasts a processing capacity of up to 600 bottles/hour. There are three types of bell machining according to the application: the BA/ME series, which can perform three types of bell machining, and the BA/RS series, which automatically attaches a rubber ring to the bell during machining.

Bell End Processing Machine MA

Bell End Machined Samples

Bending (bending) equipment CT type

Design of ipm only. We perform bending and socket processing on PVC and PE pipes. It accommodates pipes with flexible angles, lengths from a minimum of 16 mm to a diameter of 500 mm.

Bending machine CT

Bended samples

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