Test Facilities

You can try the product at the test facility

We have prepared test machines with some of the facilities and equipment handled by IK G Co., Ltd.
You can actually use it to see the functions and capabilities of the product.
We also respond to consultation on improvement and customization, so if you are considering purchasing, please make use of it.

・Examples of test materials
PlasticPigments, paintsFood
Cosmetics, ChemicalsElectrical materialsOther
・Examples of test purposes
ExtrusionMolding (tubes, deformations)Granulation

Introduction of Test Machines

PMS65-28 Extruder

φ65mm L/D=28
inverter motor 45kw
screw Various
machine side operation control panels

DHS40 Extruder + DHS30 Extruder

Single-axis direct drive type support type
DHS40-28 extruder and DHS30-28 extruder DHS40-28 extruder: screw diameter = Φ40mm L/D=28 7.5kw motor Ceramic band heater
DHS30-28 extruder:
screw diameter =

3.7kw motor Ceramic band heater

CON50 Conical twin-axle extruder

inverter motor 22kw
machine side operation control panel

Pipe tube forming equipment

Single- and double-layer tube forming lines

・The Venturi type vacuum tank is a mist-cooled water tank with a high cooling effect. Since it is a venturi type, it is suitable for testing small diameter pipe tubes, soft resin, and thin pipe tubes.
・Belt-type pick-up machine

Sharphead device

The "polymer material" extruded from the extruder is subjected to shear force by rotation. Therefore, the shear rate can be freely varied for the extrusion material.

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