Please tell me when to change the lubricating oil (gearbox oil).

We have written it in the instruction manual.
・ There are differences depending on the usage situation and the surrounding environment every 2500 hours
from the start of operation and 2500 hours after
that, but it seems that there are many customers once every six months and once a year.

What is the difference between [J type] and [K type] thermocouples?

Thermocouples (thermocouples): There are more than 10 types, but the ones used for extruders are mainly [J type] and [K type].
Thermocouples connect the tips of two different types of metal wires to form a circuit, and measure the temperature difference through the “thermo-electromotive force” generated at the contacts. The difference between [J type] and [K type] of thermocouples is that the type of metal is different and the measurement temperature range is also different.

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