Case Studies

We will introduce examples of customers who have introduced the facilities and equipment handled by IKG Co., Ltd.

ABS Pipe Forming Equipment

Machine configuration
PMS90-25 Extruder PMS65-28 Extruder
Gear pump unit Hydraulic screen changers
2 types of 3-layer pipe diesVTM mist vacuum tank
Ultrasonic wall thickness measuring instrumentAuxiliary water tank
Outline measuring instrumentCaterpillar type pick-up machine
Rotary knife type cutting machine

ABS pipe forming equipment line diagram


2 types of 3-layer dies

Actual Pipe Size

Outside Diameter (mm)Inner diameter (mm)Thickness (mm)

Gear Pumps & Dice

Vacuum tank entrance

Ultrasonic wall thickness measuring instrument

Rotary knife cutting machine

DDS65-28+MVS30-25 and SPVC2 Layer Medical Tube Line

Machine configuration
DDS65-28 Extruder: 37KW motor MVS30-25 Extruder: 2.2KW motor
Two-layer tube dieVenturi vacuum water tank: 5m with VPR and SVR
Open cooling water tank: 5mOutline measuring instrument XY2 direction; Feedback control in a venturi vacuum bath
Pick-up machine: Belt typeWinder: 2-axis turret type

Structure Diagram of DDS65-28+MVS30-25

Spindle extruder specification
Model NameDDS65-28
screwBM-DF Type
cylinderStraight type
Maximum screw speed100r.p.m
Electric motor drive typeYaskawa Electric; VS-686SS5
Remarks・With diameter type reducer
and hopper block
Secondary shaft extruder specification
Model NameMVS30-25
screwFull Flight Type
cylinderOuter diameter straight type
Maximum screw speed35r.p.m
Main motor output2.2kW-1750.p.m
Electric motor drive typeYaskawa Electric; VS-686SS5

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