Pellet granulation line

We can handle granulation for all purposes.

Repellets for recycling pulverized products
, granulation of mini
pellets, pellet granulation of original materials with our own blending

We provide extruders and pelletizers that match various resin compounds, from general-purpose resins to complex formulations that increase added value with super engineering plastics.

・Strand Cut Pelletizer System
, Underwater Cut Pelletizer System
, Watering Pelletizer System

Strand-cut pelletizer system

・With a highly versatile granulation system, we stretch it into strands and cut pellets after water cooling.

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Strand Line

Dewatering device strand pelletizer

Strand cut pelletizer system outline

Strand-cut pelletizer system specifications

  • 1. Extruder single axis biaxial
  • 2. Screen Changer
  • 3. Strand pellet die
  • 4. Cooling water tank
  • 5. Water drainer
  • 6. Strand-pelletizer
  • 7. Vibration and shaking
  • 8. Pumping device
  • 9. Catcher tank
  • 10. Weighing device

Hot Cut Pelletizer System

・This is an air-cooled granulation system for resins with high viscosity, such as hard PVC granulation and resin containing highly blended wood flour.
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CON63 Conical Extruder + PH400 Hot Cut Pelletizer

Pellet die & cutter blade, sidecut method

Extruders, hot cutting, pumping units, sorting units

Hot Cut Pelletizer System Outline Diagram

Hot Cut Pelletizer System Specifications

  • 1. Extruder single axis biaxial
  • 2. Hot cut die
  • 3. Hot cut pelletizer
  • 4. Pumping device
  • 5. Pellet cooler (air-cooled pellet cooling device)
  • 6. Vibration and shaking
  • 7. Catcher tank
  • 8. Weighing device

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