Dysmorphic lines

Dysmorphic lines

This is a line of inhomomorphic shapes such as automobile parts, building parts, home appliance parts, industrial parts, etc.
In addition to the optimal screw design according to the resin material, we propose the optimal line configuration according to the molding conditions from the sizing water tank, the pick-up machine, to the cutting machine.

Photo: Auto parts dysplastic line

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Variant mold

Sizing Former

Caterpillar pick-up machine

Open vacuum cooling water tank for deformities

Open vacuum cooling water tank for deformities

Saw-blade cutting machine

Dysmorphic line outline

Dysmorphic line specifications

  • 1. Extruder
  • 2. Mould
  • 3. Cooling aquarium Open aquarium Open vacuum aquarium
  • 4. Pick-up machine Belt type takeover machine Caterpillar type takeover machine
  • 5. Cutting machine saw blade type cutting machine guillotine cutting machine

For details, please inquire as it depends on the product shape and resin used.

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