Control units and peripherals

Control unit

Extruder Line Controller

  • 12.1-inch TFT display achieves both comfort and visibility
  • Use off-the-shelf hardware and consider long-term maintenance
  • Feedback control such as ratio control and pressure control by multiple extruders and each ancillary device is standard equipment
  • By using ready-made tool software, it is possible to manage the data of the molding line on a personal computer.
  • Number of motor control points: Up to 4 points
  • Temperature control score: Up to 128 points (64 points in the case of heating and cooling)

FORWARD-ExLC Specification

Standard Features
・Various feedback controls
, trend graph functions, calendar timer functions, heater disconnection functions, process file functions


A multifunctional PLC (process controller) that is effective in labor-saving and streamlining such as extruder controller
, production management and process control of extrusion lines.

・ TFT color 10.4 inch LCD screen for easy viewing operation.

・Use ready-made touch panels, PLCs, and temperature controls, and consider long-term maintenance.

・ It is possible to use ready-made hardware to make it difficult to break, standardize the system, and flexibly respond to custom-made specifications.

・ Up to 6 FORWARDs can be centrally managed on a personal computer (control is not possible). 〔Optional specification〕

FORWARD ED-VI Specification
Standard Features・Process file function, trend graph function, external memory function, printer output function

: for hard copy
option・Number of temperature control points: 64 points, Number of motor control points: Up to 4 points

, Screen UP size: 12 inches
・Function: Heater disconnection function, form creation, printing function, host communication function
Special Features・ Supports
pressure control, Japanese, and English display, and the number of motor control
points: 5 points or more
* Other special specifications are also supported.


We handle peripheral equipment of extrusion molding lines.
Extruder mounting equipment: Gear pump unit, screen changer, material-related equipment: Dehumidification dryer, hot air dryer, material mixer, material air feeder (loader
), temperature control related equipment: chiller unit
, mold temperature controller

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