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Plastic molding technology/extruder and molding equipment manufacturing.
High molding level technology
Consistent delivery of necessary services.

Cutting-edge technological alliances
through global expansion
Agency agreements signed with overseas manufacturers.
Ability to make proposals to
meet a wide range of needs
Provide products and technologies appropriate for the environment in which they are used.
Extensive experience
over 35 years in business
Unique molding technology and know-how.
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 IKG Corporation.has various types of plastic “extrusion molding machines,” “deformed extrusion molding lines,” “pipe tube extrusion molding lines,” “sheet & film molding lines,” “pellet granulation lines,” etc. We provide consistent services with total technology from manufacturing of extruders and molding equipment to molding technology. In addition, we conclude an agency contract with an overseas manufacturer to introduce the world’s most advanced technology to everyone, and provide consistent services from proposal and provision to maintenance of machines and molding technologies that meet customer needs. We are doing it.

What’s I.K.G.?

 Proposal power and achievements to meet a wide range of needs through technical tie-ups with our own technology and overseas partners.

High technology
at the molding level

 IKG Corporation, Ltd. has developed and provided a large number of high-precision products specializing in extruders and molding equipment, mainly our own products. In addition to products, we will consistently provide the services necessary for customers in the molding industry, including accumulated molding technology, know-how, and maintenance.

State-of-the-art technical alliance
through global expansion

Concluded agency contracts with overseas manufacturers, mainly in Western countries, to introduce not only our own products but also the world’s most advanced technology. We will deliver products and molding technologies that meet the needs of our customers. We will also carry out after-sales maintenance, so you can use it with confidence for a long time.

Proposal power
to meet a wide range of needs

We provide products and technologies that suit the needs of our customers and the usage environment from among a large number of various manufacturing equipment and molding technologies. We meet a wide range of customer needs in the plastic molding industry, from single extruders and dies to variants, pipe tubes, pellets, and sheet film molding line systems.

Abundant achievements
of 39 years since establishment

Since its founding, IKG Co., Ltd. has acquired its own molding technology and know-how while dealing with leading domestic plastic molding manufacturers. Since then, for over 30 years, we have developed and provided various equipment and lines related to molding. We have accumulated many achievements.

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We provide a wide range of technologies from various manufacturing equipment to molding technology, with a focus on plastic molding machines (extruders), deformed molding equipment, and pipe and tube molding equipment.
We provide a wide range of technologies from various manufacturing equipment to molding technology.

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