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Sheet/Film Forming Line,  Control unit and Accessories

Sheet/Film Production Line

This line is suitable to prouduce thin/thick sheet of general plastics and engineering plastics.

Extruder will be selected according to the required line speed.

Thin sheet production:
Item/Type CF600 CF1000 CF1200 CF1600
size of product(mm) 0.1~2×600 0.1~2×1000 0.1~2×1200 0.1~2×1600
Thick sheet production:
Item/Type CS600 CS1000 CS1200 CS1600
size of product(mm) 1~6×600 1~6×1000 1~6×1200 1~6×1600

Extruder Control Unit FORWARD ED-Ⅵ

Multi purpose PLC; Production control, Schedule control, Efficient operation

  • TFT color LCD monitor(10.4 inches)
  • Production schedule saving

・Outer memory
・Trend graph
・Output for printer for hard copy


・Thermo control contact: max. 64nos
・Motor control contact: max. 4 nos.
・TFT LCD monitor(12 inches)
・Heater brake sensor,data logging, Printing, communication with host Pc

Special specification:

・Pressure control monitor contact : more than 5 nos.
・Multiple cylinder zones: available for PMT extruder and other special specification.

Other Accessories:

  • Automatic Screen Changer
  • Volumetric/Gravimetric feeder
  • Mixing Unit, Selector, Air Conveyer, Grinder
  • Hopper Loarder
  • Printing Unit
  • Volumetiric/Gravimetric Mixing Unit
  • Gear Pump System
  • Hopper Dryer, Dehumidifier
  • Outer Diameter Measurement Unit, Thickness Measuremet Unit, Surface Inspection Unit