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Profile Extrusion/Tube & Pipe Extrusion Line

Profile Extrusion Line

Suitable for profile extrusion of automotive material , housing material and other Electrical products. Line is composed of high performance component, from sizing trough to cutting machine.

Photo: Automotive material profile extrusion line

Tube & Pipe Extrusion Line

High speed and precise extrusion line, suitable for extrusion of general industrial tube ,medical tube and precision multi-layer tube etc. Tube die(single and multi layer), Sizing die and screw will be optimized for applications.

photo: Single layer tube extrusion line

Ventury Type Vacuum Trough

VT-V series:
Vacuum trough using Ventuli tube

  • High speed production by low vacuum pressure
  • Stable vacuum by Vacuum controller(VPR/SVR)
  • Outer diameter control by vacuum pressure feedback
  • Two vacuum chamber; Low vacuum and High vacuum
  • Clean pump system is suitable for medical application