Overseas Partners

IKG is a machinery manufacturer of Plastic extrusion: Extruders and extrusion lines for Profile / Tube / Pipe / Pelletizing.

IKG also represents overseas machinery / tool suppliers and provides solution and services for customers in Japan.


Single screw extruder:  DDS / PMS / MS / DDV
Multi color / layer extruder:  CEL / MVS / DHS
Twin screw extruder:  PMT
Others:  Profile Extrusion Line /Tube&Pipe extrusion line / Sheet/Film extrusion line/
Control Unit & Accessories


Profile equipment:  THEYSOHN IDE ITIB
Pipe & Tube equipment:  THEYSOHN IPM ITIB
Measurement equipment:  ipt iNOEX
Wire & Cable equipment:MailleferWeber&ScherRoteq
Optical fiber equipment:  NEXTROM
Static Mixer:  PROMIX